Thursday, April 28, 2011

Digital Portraits 03+04

Hello :)
Been busy with so many thing in my life and ignoring my dear blog for quite a while..
Yet, I managed to draw few digital portraits and watercolor paintings.. pretty satisfied though <3

Anyhow... here are two digital portrait attempts I did of me & my little sister a couple months ago:

used textures on the clothes and filters to add an effect of a snowy weather :)


Seemo said...

I really love your drawings haneen....=)

Haneen said...

aww, thank you so much, I'm flattered :)

Anonymous said...

wow MashaAllah you two are so beautiful =)
Loved your painting

هيفاء said...

راائعة ..
دائما مميزة في كل شيء
أحبكِ :)

Anonymous said...

mashalla Hanen am really proud of u ! u r so amazing !!
keeeeep Going ,, ALLAH ywafgk w 7gg m6albk yarrrb

SweeRah ;*

Haneen said...

Hannunie, Mummy, SweeRah

AWWWW , thank you all, I'm really flattered, and glad you loved my work <3thank you so so much <3<3

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