Thursday, February 10, 2011

Korean Talent in Khobar

رسام ستّيني كوري الجنسيه، إكتشفته من فتره كنت نازله هايبر بنده الخبر-الراكه-، محله صغير جداً بس لوحاته قمه بالابداع و الاتقان.
... للآسف نسيت اسآله عن اسمه! و إكتفيت بسؤاله كم سؤال و تصوير كم لوحه بعد إذنه...

A month ago when I went to Hyper Panda- Khobar, I noticed a small place in there that is full of FANTABOLOUS oil paintings owned by a Korean artist. I had a chance to take a look and chit chat a bit with the artist :)
The most stupid thing I did was that I forgot to ask about his name! I was so stunned and amazed, busy checking and going through his art.

The artist is an old korean man, around 60 years old, he was painting when I came in ( I interrupted him by my non stoppable questions an compliments, and by invading his work space :P)

And here are some of his most fascinating paintings (click for full size),
these painting were painted on velvet fabric..

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I took it with my blackberry camera.. so yeah!

And finally, after I was done with my tiny exploration tour, I thanked him in korean ( It felt good to use the few korean words and phrases I learned couple years ago). then on my way out he gave me this book as a gift;

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