Thursday, February 10, 2011

Korean Talent in Khobar

رسام ستّيني كوري الجنسيه، إكتشفته من فتره كنت نازله هايبر بنده الخبر-الراكه-، محله صغير جداً بس لوحاته قمه بالابداع و الاتقان.
... للآسف نسيت اسآله عن اسمه! و إكتفيت بسؤاله كم سؤال و تصوير كم لوحه بعد إذنه...

A month ago when I went to Hyper Panda- Khobar, I noticed a small place in there that is full of FANTABOLOUS oil paintings owned by a Korean artist. I had a chance to take a look and chit chat a bit with the artist :)
The most stupid thing I did was that I forgot to ask about his name! I was so stunned and amazed, busy checking and going through his art.

The artist is an old korean man, around 60 years old, he was painting when I came in ( I interrupted him by my non stoppable questions an compliments, and by invading his work space :P)

And here are some of his most fascinating paintings (click for full size),
these painting were painted on velvet fabric..

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I took it with my blackberry camera.. so yeah!

And finally, after I was done with my tiny exploration tour, I thanked him in korean ( It felt good to use the few korean words and phrases I learned couple years ago). then on my way out he gave me this book as a gift;


Anonymous said...

Woow his painting are amazing ..
specially those which are on velvet fabric..
I didn't know Korean people exist here in saudi arabia .. i never saw one of them ..

* Q : where did you learn Korean language??
it's fun to know more than two languages.. I waish I can speak at least 6 languages :D

Anonymous said...

مبدعه مشالله عليك

روعه بالمره تالوينك جناااان

اعجبني كثير رسمك روعه بالمره

انا كثير احب ارسم بس زيقك مشالله عليك مااعرف بهاادقه الروعه

يعطيك العافيه


Anonymous said...

حنين استمري يا بطلة بجد انبهرت كثير بفنك عقبال معرضك الخاص يارب ولا تنسين تدعيني :*)

Haneen said...


actually I there's quite number of korean ppl in Shargiya..
- I didn't learn korean, but I used to watch korean drama A LOT, so I was able to catch on some common phrases and words :)

Haneen said...

دموع الروح و الاخت الغير معّرفه
اشكركم بس هاذي مو لوحاتي و إنما لوحات فنان كوري بالخبر

azhar said...

رسمااته تجنن
مررره مبدع

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