Thursday, October 21, 2010

Types Of College Girls

Hi, so there are 3 types of girls in my college who really bug me every time I see them or set behind them in class ! I know it's none of my business to complain about their style !! but it bugs me so bad that I wanted to draw/criticize these three types.

1- The 1st type is the -fake faces- girls: this type bugs me the most, I swear seeing them in the restrooms every morning wearing high heels and hair styles with all their huge makeup sets and brushes, that really gets on nerves, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!! can't they differentiate between the day makeup & the night makeup!!!

2- The 2nd type is tomboy/butch/boya or whatever! those girls are creepy! they shout, talk and walk exactly like guys, I don't make eye contact with them :|

3- The 3rd is... I don't know what to call them? they're a type of girls who never ever put a Liiiiittle effort to look nice or at least fine -do they hate themselves or something???- their hair look greasy the whole week, they don't wear lip gloss, and they don't shave their hands!! completely untidy. I hate it when they sit in front of me :(

4- Finally my favorite type -which is my type as well- is the type -in my point of view- the normal balanced type. they dress simple yet nice, they don't do hair styles, usually they wear it down with a hair band,, oh! and they wear little makeup -blusher-eyeliner-lipstick

anyway,,, hope you like it :)


Anonymous said...

yeah that's the problem there is no inbetween
anyway, i prefer to be normal than to be like the other 3 types
i'm wondering how much time the 1st N 2nd type spend in front of a mirror?!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehe, i like how u divide the Girls, and absolutely every sane person gonna choose ur kind to be just normal and cute.
It's hard sometimes to be just who u are! isn't it?? because "some" actually shouldn't.
thanks for sharing that
i liked both the drawing and the analyzing :)

Haneen said...

yeah I agree with you, they probably wake up with fajr prayer to work on their faces :P

thanx for passing by :)

Haneen said...

well some people should have more important thing
in their life other than makeup and hair spray!
and appearance isn't everything.

thax hun for your comment :)

Twinkle said...

OMG I hate all those girls,
Sometimes i feel that i want to kill them except one person that called ( you Hanoon )
I like your simple style.
Be well as always 7abebti.

Miss YOU >> :)

Haneen said...

LOLOL I feel the same wallah
be well too sweetie

I miss you too <3

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