Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Picture of Dorian Gray

"دوريان قراي"
شخصية مقتبسه من روايه لـ أوسكار وايلد . الترم إللي راح درسنا عن الكاتب و اخذنا خلفيه عن هالروايه .. الظاهر انو الروايه تحمس و سوو عنها كثير أفلام، بالنسبه لي أنا شفت فيلم 2009 و كان من جد حلو و يحمل رساله و هدف ديني .. بس مرعب و ما يناسب الصغار !
و أنا اتابع الفيلم مرت علي لقطه للبطل عجبتني فيها زاويه النظر و مسكت كراستي ورسمتها أول ما خلصت الفيلم.

"Dorian Gray" is a novel character by Oscar Wilde. Last semester we studied about the author and a little bit of the book. Usually, whatever we study in school is freakishly boring, but to be fair, "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" is a complete different thing! it's interesting, and wonderful. Yes it got a horror/sexual theme, but behind all that there is a wonderful religious message. I never read the novel, but I watched the movie of 2009
Anyway, while i was watching the movie, one of the scene really caught my eyes, and I drew a sketch of the same shot after I finished the movie :D

ألوان مائيه على ورق تورشون مضغوط (32 × 41) سم
يومين لرسم و تعديل الستكش و ساعتين من التلوين

حاولت ما أرسم نفس وجه الممثل و غيرت شوي بملامحه .. و عجبتني كثير النتيجه الحمد لله ... بس إللي يضحك بالموضوع إني بعد كم دقيقه من التأمل باللوحه و بوجه "دوريان" حسيت بالخوف ... نظراته لي ما تطمن !!! قفلت كراستي لمده شهر و ما عاد طالعت فيها لييين اليوم عشان أعرضها بالبوست

Watercolor on Torchon paper (32 x 41) cm,
two days of sketching and two hours of painting.
I tried changing a little bit of Dorian's expression, and he turned out really good... funny thing!! because after a while I felt that he looked kinda creepy. so I closed my sketchbook and never looked at it for a month till today ! lol


Anonymous said...


It is kinda scary ,, i can't even look at it more then 5 seconds " No offence" ..
i still love the colors though..

Ewwww is that what you're studying..
authors and their histories .. that's kinda boring..
but if you love those things.. I'll respect that..


Haneen said...

LOOL none taken, it scares me too.

well, yeah that's what we're studying,, crappy things :/
last semester had a very crappy things.
they were all about the Victorian era, but the writings were really good, Dorian Gray, Oliver Twist, The Importance of being earnest. that is some of what I took last semester and I really enjoyed it :)

but you're right, it's REALLY boring and I hate it ,,, but what can I do now? am a senior!

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